About Us

22 West is a student run, student driven multimedia company at Long Beach State University. We encompass a radio station, video production company, and magazine. We're a space for students to express themselves and get hands on with media production.

Any student with an interest in media is welcome to join the team. We accept any level of experience. We're located at the bottom floor of the USU, so stop by and say hi!

The Team

Dominic Colangelo
General Manager, Radio

Jess Kung
Editor-in-Chief, Magazine

Katie Sarrels
Executive Producer, Video

Cameron Colon
Administrative Assistant

Erin Haworth
Administrative Assistant

Nathan Tepperman
Advertising and Sales Manager

Tara Thomas
Art Director, Magazine

Christian Wiseman
Chief Engineer, Radio

Asher Reeves
Distribution Manager

Isabelle Cruz
Editor, Magazine

Jarrod Castillo
Editor, Magazine

Kirsten Hernandez
Editor, Magazine

Kristi Alacon
Editor, Magazine and Board Operator, Radio

Cheeska Lapitan
Editor, Video

Dominic Hure
Editor, Video

Davis Stewart
Events Manager

Lola Olvera
Lead Copy Editor, Magazine

Noelle Valencia
Lead Graphic Designer

Yessenia Sanchez
Managing Editor, Magazine

Charles Lyons
Marketing Coordinator

Xochitl Torres
Content Marketing Coordinator

Raquel Puerto Garcia
Marketing/Social Media Assistant

Cathy Bui
Multimedia Manager

Jack Nugent
Music Director, Radio

Brandon Kheang
Producer, Video

Katrina Santana
Producer, Video

Natalie Balderas
Producer, Video

Seth Everette
Producer, Video

Isaura Aceves
Program Director, Radio

Yesenia Vargas Martinez
Assistant Program Director, Radio

Zachary Anderson-Yoximer
Sports Director, Radio

Danny Lemos
Student Media Coordinator



Alexander Randolph
Board Operator, Radio

Conor Heeley
Board Operator, Radio

Dawn Perkins
Editor, Magazine

Isaac Gordon
Board Operator/Engineer, Radio

Karla Lopez
Editor, Magazine

Kyla Sazon
Advertising Sales Associate