Illustration by Arielle Zepeda
Illustration by Arielle Zepeda

Holiday Facade of Gifting

By Arielle Zepeda

Boxes assorted in different proportions
Underneath the fallen needles of the dying pine
… they’re all mine

I am not ungrateful for this pampering
I wish the bottom of the tree appeared bare
An empty tree gifts paradise
Were these gifts approached with care?

I don’t know where to stare.

Gifting occasionally feels nice
With it’s wrongful acquisition and pitiful charity
Accepting comes with a price
My love language is sincerity.

Sit here with me and show me you can feel
I beg of you
Allow the warmth to pulsate through our veins
Plague me with your hidden humanity

Thump thump - thump thump

That noise — disturbed unfamiliarity
Vibrations of tenderness I used to know
Comfortably uncomfortable
Discomfort knows how to soothe this soul.

Awkward is who I can display
Yet, there is more I am willing to share
Give ourselves this opportunity to be authentic
I won’t let this blow air

Please, set the materialized items aside
And come smile with me on this wonderful night.