Family Dynamics

How Family Can Be a Weakness and How to Get Through It

Photo and story by Eva Valencia

Throughout one’s life there are people that walk in and others that walk out. In any relationship, if there is a falling out, one can choose to end the relationship and move on. With family, however, it doesn’t quite work out the same way.

People from all walks of life might say that family is the backbone and foundation to one’s success and being, but for others, family can be a weakness. The same family who raises you up can also make you come crumbling down. Every family has its own problems and obstacles to overcome. When problems arise and fester, they can have a negative effect on anyone within the family. Whether it is the parent, the sibling or yourself, it’s not always possible to pick up and leave. This is an issue especially if you’re not an adult yet.

Having to live with a family that is controlling, critical and dismissive of your feelings can be difficult and hard to ignore, especially if it’s an environment you live in daily. But it is possible to live a healthy life without the support of the people who you may have considered important.

If it’s difficult to communicate with your family about your feelings, there are ways to help you get through it when times get rough.

Start by setting boundaries between family members, by branching out and learning how to be more independent. This can shift your focus to the things you enjoy rather than let you be consumed by a stressful environment. According to Tiny Buddha, a blog that shares tips and ideas on healthy living, it may not be easy to make take the first step, but it does get better. Seek professional advice or the support of close friends and peers. Surround yourself with individuals who truly love and care for you. Although it may be difficult to make the first move, know that you are in control of your life, not others.

Remember, your well-being is as important as anything else and one day you won’t have to live with people who have a negative influence on your life.