Handwritten is the Way to Go

By Emily Suarez Contributor

Someone using calligraphy to create a Holiday card.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay

With the holiday season fast approaching, the rush of gift-getting has begun. Along with those presents come cards. Whether a simple “to and from” or a lengthy message, cards are a symbol of thanks and well wishes. In this new digital age, more and more people are turning to e-cards, or digitally sent messages, instead of handwritten cards. I think that is a shame, and that this aspect of the digital age is disconnecting us from each other.

The giving of handwritten cards has been a tradition for years in my family. For every holiday, we would get a card. Inside is a heartfelt message that is handwritten by a family member. Be it a grandparent or aunt, you can’t help but read the card in their voice, making it all the more personal.

This tradition has been passed on from the older generations of my family to the younger ones. For my 21st birthday this past November, one of my cousins wrote me a message and included a drawing from the musical “Hamilton” in her card. These types of messages just can’t be received through a digital card.  

Nowadays, many people will send e-cards that say “Happy Holidays” with a message that has already been written in. This type of message, while efficient, is not heartfelt. People could argue that digital cards are easier to give to loved ones who live far away. However, you can just as easily send out a handwritten card in the mail. After purchasing a card, you simply have to attach a stamp and an address, and then pop it in the mail. It takes the same amount of time as picking an e-card, typing in the recipient’s email, and clicking send.

Another great thing about handwritten cards is that you can keep them and have your own little collection of messages from family and friends. The sincerity of a handwritten card is something that cannot be replaced by a digital copy. If you have yet to try the handwritten approach, give it a go this holiday season. The reactions of your family and friends will be worth it.