It's a pretty cute dog
Photo by Marissa Espiritu

Invasion of the Fluff at Huntington Beach

Story by Nathan Cunningam & Majé Harrison Lustbader
Photos by Marissa Espiritu 

Corgis. Are they a loaf of bread? Are they balls of fuzz? Are they a breed of dog? Correct answer: all of the above. 

300x300 Dog

Southern California Corgi Beach Day, which is held at Huntington Dog Beach every spring and fall, is an event where all corgis, and honorary corgis, are welcomed to gather and celebrate their existence. Founded in October 2012, the first Corgi Beach Day had only 15 corgis, since then the number has grown to over 1,200 corgis and over 13,000 attendees. Through a series of entertaining events, such as best costume, corgi limbo, corgi musical chairs and the corgi bubble spectacular, these fuzzy boys are observed and adored by the crowds that gather.

300 spidey boi

A crowd favorite event is the best “momo,” aka a corgi butt contest where booties are judged by audience applause. The day consists of flocks of corgis scampering through the sandy beaches with the sun on their backs. There’s a variety of different corgi apparel vendors that offer anything from doggie-shaped treats, corgi backpacks or stumpy dog adoptions.

300 beanie boi

 Enthusiastic dog owners come from all around to flood Huntington Beach. Dog owners set up their own marketing to gain social media followers for their fluffy friends, while Instagram famous corgis tend to make their appearances throughout the day. Mr. Pickles rocks his traditional Hawaiian shirt as he continues on as the ambassador and mascot of Corgi Beach Day. There is no feeling in the world that can compare to walking down the beach while packs of corgis zoom past in fluffy fury. Complete bliss might come closer to explaining the experience of being surrounded by joyful barking balls of fur and ocean water. Catch us at the next corgi beach day by finding information @socalcorgibeachday. 


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