Netflix Who?

These three Amazon Prime original series prove they’re worth the watch

By Shaquille Foronda Contributor 

Courtesy of Amazon Studios

“Transparent” is centered around Mort Pfefferman (Jeffrey Tambor), the patriarch of an affluent Jewish family living in Los Angeles. Mort has realized, late in life, that he is truly meant to be Maura. After coming out as a trans woman to his family, a plethora of secrets within the family begin to unravel in a domino effect.

Sarah (Amy Landecker), the eldest of all the Pfefferman siblings, finds herself divorced but is soon in a romantic relationship with a former flame, a woman she fell deeply in love with during college. Josh (Jay Duplass), the middle child, is a successful record producer who gets laid (a lot). He is often in problematic situations, in part because he is mostly into older women. Ali (Gabby Hoffmann), the youngest, is basically seen as the “screw-up” of the family. She quickly finds herself questioning her sexuality after a romantic confession from her childhood best friend.

The pilot episode threw so many curve balls, left and right. The core message of the show is good enough to keep the seasons coming. From the pilot episode, we can easily see how it has become one of Amazon Prime Video’s best original shows.

Courtesy of Amazon Studios

“One Mississippi” is probably my newest guilty pleasure and it will probably be yours, too, after you watch the pilot episode.

Loosely based off of comedian Tig Notaro’s recent life, it will have your eyes glued to the screen. Within one year, Notaro filed for divorce, lost her mother on her birthday, contracted a colon infection, and got diagnosed with breast cancer.

Notaro’s witty actions allow her to attract laughs from the bleakest moments. The way that Notaro is able to make you feel at ease, despite the disastrous circumstances, makes the show compelling. The emotion that is captured in each scene is sure to keep the show successful.

Courtesy of Amazon Studios

“Catastrophe” is a British television romantic-comedy that made its American debut exclusively on Amazon Prime. And it’s to die for.

It’s your basic rom-com, but in reverse! Rob (Rob Delaney), a recovering alcoholic, meets a school teacher, Sharon (Sharon Horgan), knocks her up and gets married to her. They then have to decide if they really like each other or not. Crazy, right?

The pilot episode exhibits a charming ambience and explores the general perception of rom-coms, but with a sentimental touch to it, here and there. It’s equal parts hilarious and tender. The two new parents seem compatible from the start, so the only obstacle standing in their way is figuring out how to be the best parents.

Unapologetically honest, juicy and friendly, “Catastrophe” is the Amazon Prime Video original series you never knew you needed.


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