Pennies for the Penny-wise

How to recreate Stephen King’s Pennywise in under $30

Story and photos by Katia Telles Contributor

without make upwith mask on faceready with the halloween make up

Pictured above is Ernesto Vasquez as Telles follows youtuber dope2111’s “IT ‘PENNYWISE’ Halloween Makeup Tutorial” while using cheaper products.

I went on Youtube and looked up different tutorials to recreate the clown’s iconic appearance. A talented makeup artist by the user name of “dope2111” has a Pennywise tutorial that I used as a guide in creating this look. Through the process of recreating it, I figured out some tips and tricks to share for you all to get the best look possible.

After buying all the products, I started by applying the bald cap and sticking it onto the scalp with Spirit Gum adhesive. Make sure the gum dries completely after you apply it. Don’t worry; you can never put too much Spirit gum — the more, the better.

After you let it dry, normally, you would apply liquid latex over the edges of the bald cap to make it more seamless. Since most liquid latex usually costs $7 at most halloween stores, I skipped that step.

Next, cover the front of the bald cap and the entire face in white makeup. The cream makeup I used took a couple minutes to dry. For this step, I suggest using a fan or covering the face with a white powder to make it dry faster. The rest is quite easy; darken the eyes with black eyeliner and smudge it out for a smokey look.

By this point, the eyebrows should already be covered in white paint. With the same black eyeliner pencil you used for your smokey eyes, draw in the brows. Arch them as much as possible. Then, draw the red lines across the face and fill in the nose and lips with red lipstick. I suggest using red paint rather than lipstick so the color can be more intense and last longer. If you want to add some detail, shade in some laugh lines around the mouth and across the forehead for more of an “angry” look.

Once the makeup is done, throw in some fake teeth of your choice and add the wig to the bald cap. If you’re planning on being active through the night, I would advise to also apply Spirit Gum to the edges of the wig so it can stay glued to the bald cap. To wrap up the whole look, I wrapped spider webs around the neck to create the “tutu” effect that Pennywise has.

And that’s it! There is the final look that I got with under $30 — super quick and super easy to create!


Giant Dollar (South Gate)

Jordana True Red lipstick $1.00

Jordana eyeliner pencil (black) $1.00

Cream makeup (white) $0.79

Vampire Fangs- $1.99

Party City

Spider web $0.99

Spirit gum $3.99

Bald Cap $9.99

Halloween City (South Gate)

Wig- $10.00

TOTAL: $29.75,


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