The Bachelor and Hannah Ann
Image from ABC and illustration by Janna Wolf

The rough flight of Pilot Pete on The Bachelor

By Janna Wolf 

“It is going to be the most dramatic season of all times,” Chris Harrison, host of “The Bachelor,” announces at the start of every new season of the show. Longtime and loyal “Bachelor” viewers who’ve sat on the couches of America’s living rooms were probably just taking another sip of their wine when they heard Harrison say it. How would they have known that this time it might actually be true?


The “Bachelor” nation, which is what longtime fans call themselves, got their first preview of what awaits them during the first episode when Hannah Brown, former Bachelorette, stepped out of a car to wish Peter Weber, the current Bachelor, all the best for his season. The couple is still legendary for having sex four times in a windmill. As you may suspect, the other girls didn’t appreciate Hannah’s appearance. 


The drama just took off from that point on. After each episode I thought it couldn't get any worse, yet every other week the producers of “The Bachelor” proved that it could. One highlight was when they surprised Peter, also known as Pilot Pete, and Victoria with a Chase Rice country music concert on one of their dates. Too bad Chase just happened to be Victoria’s ex-boyfriend. 


You can see the producers working hard to keep the drama going in this season, but they can’t be credited for everything: such as Peter’s golf cart accident where glass cut his forehead. At least, we think that they weren’t involved. After this season no one would be surprised if they announce that they actually planned this too. After all, the scar made Pilot Pete look sort of Harry Potter hot. 


Extraordinarily, this season also has not been spoilered. No one knew how this season would end — not even Reality Steve, the current most popular source for insider information on the “The Bachelor.” Not even Peter, who as the Bachelor should actually know who he proposed to in the last episode. But as mentioned, this season was different.


From the beginning of this season on they were showing a preview of the dramatic finale after each episode. Again and again we witnessed Harrison delivering some spectacular news to Bachelor Peter that made him overthink who to pick for his final rose. In the end, Sad Barbra was more annoying than Sad Peter, and she’s his mother.  We saw Barbra crying innumerable times that Peter should “bring her home.” 


Then the big day came: the final episode. And let’s just say it was a worthy ending for the season. And quite a surprise since every existing fan theory had been proven wrong. Peter didn’t end up with a producer nor with his ex-lover Hannah Brown. He did propose to Hannah Ann-- that theory had at least been partially right. But after a one month engagement, where they had not seen each other, he broke up with her. All this because of his feelings for Madison, who is also the girl he ended up with. You think that’s enough drama for the final episode? 


You are totally right but that is the thing about this season, there is no such thing as too much drama. So Peter found love, but there was still his mother crying about this girl. It turns out that she was crying over Hannah Ann, who she called an “Angel on earth.” Obviously she wasn’t amused at all when Peter broke up with this angel for Madison. On top of which she's anything but a fan of Madison. There were unpleasant discussions, some eye rolls and mysterious whispers to Peter's father. It seems like the villain of the season is not a contestant but a relative - that is something new. But obviously someone has to do the job.


Everything is over now and the Bachelor Nation is left behind exhausted: It was just too much. Too much drama, too many sudden turns. Like, Peter chooses Hannah Ann first, and then Madison. Hannah Ann who seemed like an immature child, suddenly acting like grown women in the end and Barbara Weber who seemed like the perfect mother-in-law turned into the biggest nightmare from one moment to the next.


The good news: We never have to watch her cry again. We can stop sitting in front of the TV every Monday just to be even more frustrated in the end. And there is hope: The Producers seemed to have learned their lesson and picket a 38-year old Bachelorette for the next season. Let’s all hope that Clara Crawley is ready for this!


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