Long beach Illustrations
Art by Melissa Zuniga

Spring Break at the Beach

By Melissa Zuniga

Blanking on what to do this spring break? Take this list with a grain of salt, but I think these places can be a go-to for you, whether you like to drink (and are of age) or need a place to chill and relax. Although break is only a week, you should make the most of it before the final push towards the end of the semester.  

186 N Marina Dr. Long Beach, CA 90803

300 boat

Rent a boat with some friends or even your pets through Alamitos Bay and the Naples Canals. You can rent a boat, split the cost with your friends and sail on the water. With the price of $89/hour, you and your friends can drive the boat with the help of the dockmaster for directions and controls right before you drift off on your adventure. They offer an ice chest, life vests, free popcorn, free parking and a radio to play your music. Who doesn’t love free things? To save even more money, bring your own food and favorite non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks!

Pine Avenue

300 dtlb

Downtown Long Beach is a great option for fine dining and entertainment within Long Beach. Pine Avenue is known as “Restaurant Row” by day but at night the street comes to life. There are a few nightclubs and bars just down the street from each other that have their visitors coming back for more. Each place adds its own uniqueness to Pine Avenue. Hamburger Mary’s is a drag bar that comes with a show and drinks all in one. Shannon’s On Pine is an Irish pub with DJs playing music and visitors watching sports on the many TV’s around the venue. Sevilla Nightclub bustles with many clubgoers, which is perfect for meeting new people. 

470 Pine Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802

300 paint

This painting studio teaches you how to paint while you drink! What’s better than that? Each day the studio paints something different. Check out the schedule for what’s going to be painted that day, and make reservations ahead of time. Each artist provides step-by-step instructions for the painters to create beautiful artwork. Everything the painter needs is given to them such as aprons, paint, wine, beer and canvases. Although this is more expensive — ranging from $30-$35 — you get to keep a painting along with some great memories you’ve created with your friends!

4150 McGowen St. Long Beach, CA 90808

300 lbx

LBX is a shopping center filled with art, food, design and fashion. It sits within Douglas Park, allowing for open space for plenty of shops for visitors. There are three zones that create this center: McGowen’s Approach called the “Main Street,” the Landing as the central plaza and the Hangar @ LBX, which is a structure that’s similar to an aviation hangar with 14 vendors and boutiques (as said on their website). These food vendors include sushi, Korean barbecue, ice cream, coffee, chicken, acai and Mediterranean foods. Other stores in LBX include ULTA, TJ-Maxx, Old Navy and Nordstrom Rack. 


100 Aquarium Way Long Beach, CA 90802

300 aquarium

Why not spend the day with the fishes and birds at the fourth largest aquarium in the nation? With only about $35 for general admission, you can feed, touch and gaze at all the different animals of the sea. Each exhibit allows the visitor to discover what lies underneath the Pacific Ocean. As it’s said on its website, the mission is to show respect and add a sense of wonder to its visitors about the Pacific Ocean, its living creatures and ecosystems. You can also find discounts everywhere with just a little bit of research such as through our school: adults pay $27 and $22.95 for children!


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