The Geek World Meets The Popular World

By Elizabeth Jauregui Contributor

It is safe to say that the years of calling people nerds or geeks as a means of offense are indeed over. Our world has become so digitally and technologically interlinked that to consider playing video games as out of the norm is itself now a little outdated. Nowadays, almost everyone shows off geeky tendencies. They are now considered socially acceptable or even fascinating in a quirky way. Now, let us ask ourselves, why is it that nerd culture has risen in popularity over the last few years?

From Nintendo to Comic-Con to online video games, these hobbies are now cultural staples and have shifted into mainstream media. It is common knowledge that many people are interested in going to Comic-Con not just for the cosplay or video games, but for television shows, movies and entertainment, as they have inevitably overlapped. Video game launches are now widely anticipated and garner millions of fans throughout. The most recent online game launch that has exploded in popularity is Fortnite ,an online video game that across platforms, Hunger Games themed, playing with other people brought together for virtual survival, unity.   The nerd world is now a mainstream paradigm with fans constantly expressing their opinions and interacting on a massive scale. This new world has become a large market compared to what it used to be. We have hit a “geek peak” that many did not expect.

The introduction of social media has been a large factor in the acceptance of this era due to the expansion of global communication. People who were unable to bond with anyone over their love of comics years ago are now able to contact others through platforms such as Tumblr and Twitter. Essentially, other people shared their interests gave them them self-confidence and encouraged them to not let norms define people’s tastes.

Audiences and fans are no longer timid to express their love for things such as anime or K-pop or even fantasy television shows. The popular sci-fi Netflix show “Stranger Things,”integrated the roleplaying game “Dungeons & Dragons,” and became a worldwide hit.

Now that people are much more exposed to these types of unique interests, a sense of unity and acceptance is flourishing within these communities. Although these “geeky” habits may not be as exclusive as they used to be, they will always be special to those that have been fans from the start.


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