Hated for Hating

by Yilo Miannopoulos

I want to cut to the chase. I don’t feel safe on the campus of Long Beach State University.

Since I started school here as a freshman in 2016, it’s been nearly impossible to go anywhere in the city of Long Beach without getting dirty looks. I feel so excluded and hated that I don’t come to class half the time, and my grades are suffering because of it. People have made comments about my cultural attire and have even tried to rip it off of me without permission. The “No Barriers” signs plastered everywhere at school are like a taunt to my pain.

For your information, Trump only has sex with women he's paid for fair and square.

My campus discriminates against me for being a Trump supporter. The fact that I am systematically discriminated against is crazy. A place of higher education isn’t the place to push your damn liberal ideas, like that “LGBT people are humans too” and that “poor people deserve a living wage.” I don’t come to school to get fed propaganda, and that’s all that I’m getting here. I am a conservative. It's who I am, and the fact that I’m being brainwashed into being a tolerant human being is disgusting. I just think it's ridiculous because I'm not even that hateful or anything; I have an uncle-in-law that's liberal.

The snowflakes on the far left consistently tell me that being a dick to people because they believe something different is “wrong,” but they don’t feel like I deserve to be extended the same courtesies. It really isn’t my fault that these people have thin skins. So I can’t practice my culture just because people don’t want me to “call ICE on my noisy black neighbors” or tell the gay kid in my class that he’s going to be deported to Mexico? That, my friends, is discrimination.

I’m just tired of this intolerance. The one place I actually feel safe at LBSU is at my campus chapter of College Republicans, but even then, liberals manage to fuck that up with their incessant hatred too. Every week, our club puts out the free speech ball where anyone and everyone is welcome to write whatever they want on it. By the end of the day, most of the ball is covered in hate speech disparaging our renowned leaders. They clearly don’t understand free speech, because they wrote things that they knew we wouldn’t like. Do you think it feels good to read “Donald Trump can suck my balls” repeatedly? There's none of that gay shit with Trump, so cut the slander. For your information, Trump only has sex with women he's paid for fair and square. The best women. Beautiful women, the best big-ticket ones money can buy. It’s perfectly legal. Ask Michael Cohen.

Speaking of women, being a conservative in one of the most liberal parts of Southern California makes it extremely hard to get laid. I go on Tinder every night to see that I have no matches, and those who do match with me only do so in order to tell me that I should go fuck myself. For the record, ladies, I do fuck myself, because none of you wanna step up to the plate. There was finally an app designed for Trump supporters and I jumped at the chance to join, but the only woman that was on the service was my sister. Still swiped right, though. Tina always looks like a snack in her MAGA hat. Too bad we don’t have marriage equality for siblings in this nanny state we live in.

At this point I might as well transfer to a school in Orange County

Campus life is tough when there's no place for our voices to bounce off some walls. During the 2016–2017 academic year, out of twelve speakers at university-hosted events, zero identified as conservative. At this point I might as well transfer to a school in Orange County, at least there I can shove my hate and beliefs down people's throats and have a little support. Attending Trump rallies and free speech protests, I at least want feel secure and safe. I can't even remember the last time I shouted a homophobic slur or punched a black person without someone calling me out and saying some pretty mean stuff.

So for all the conservative students who just got to CSULB, let me give you a little advice: transfer now. Being conservative isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s how God made us. Any school that doesn’t support the fact that we were born this way and it's not a choice, doesn’t deserve us.


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