Image of Campus Couture Meeting

Lights, Camera, Fashion

By Celine Castaneda

Fashion is often believed to be cute clothes in closets or expensive things no one can afford. Well fashion is more than that. For the past 35 years, Long Beach State University has offered a fashion club that allows students to express their work in a way they want to. The club, Campus Couture, draws in fashion and non-fashion majors to display their best work which eventually goes to a runway show by the end of the year.

Events that happen within the club to keep it running are fundraisers, model castings and the large runway show at the end of the year held at LBSU. Models are sought after to model the clothes and pieces student designers have created. Public Relations Coordinator of the club and fashion design major, Gavin Pangilinan says “There will be a competition held within multiple categories on the runway show that will be hosted at the end of the year. There will also be programs held by our sponsors.” Sponsors are needed to fund the club for productions and runway events to continue. “The competition in the runway show is divided into categories,” says Campus Couture president Lily David, a journalism major. “The designers who will participate in the fashion show will compete for different awards like most original, most innovative, and overall best collection,” she explains. The runway show at the end of the year is a large and exciting event for all, the students, designers, and sponsors alike.

Campus Couture stands for those who want to seek the freedom to express themselves. Everyone defines fashion in a different way. Fashion is considered to be both clothing and art. Pangilinan says, “On a general scale, fashion can be defined as a form of expression through the individual and garments laid upon the body. This can be among a collective or individual piece, as everything serves a purpose and meaning behind who is wearing them.” Fashion is a statement of the person because it expresses who they are. With fashion, you can also get a hint of their personality or interests. Shana Friedenberg, a fashion merchandising major, says, “Fashion is any style or trend that makes up a specific culture, age group, demographic. Style however, is specific to each individual, and purely relies on what psychographics make up the person's interests or views.” People dress based on their interests.

Trends come and go but personal style is attached to you because you decide the outcome. Fashion has also been a creative outlet for those who are going through hardships and phases. “I've always had a passion for philosophy and understanding how the mind works. During hardships and times of struggle, I always gravitated to the world of this medium and clothing. Intertwining the two is a hard goal to achieve, but it's also what brought me to the realm of fashion, ” says Pangilinan. He continues “I've always been a quiet person, yet mindful and conscious of my surroundings. If I could speak my mind through my garments, then that's what I aspire to do.” Fashion became an outlet of coping with getting out of a comfort zone. Friedenberg adds, “Fashion has always encompassed who I am because I’ve always expressed my interests or style through clothing, so I’ve always known this would be a part of me forever.”

Everyone has an inspiration for different aspects in life and as for David: “My idol is Audrey Hepburn, not only is her style timeless and classic but also character will always symbolize elegance and true Hollywood legend.” History has played a huge role in fashion influences of today. David admires the fashion of Victoria Beckham because “she always looks put together and polished.” Having a more edgy taste in fashion, Friedenberg likes “...the styles of Betsey Johnson and Christian Siriano because they aren’t afraid to show who they are, and always know how to incorporate their own signature style into everything they create.”

Fashion is ever evolving and ever changing. As Pangilinan says fashion is for “individuals that speak true to themselves.” Fashion is knowing yourself, knowing your voice and owning your style. Fashion is defining yourself.