Volunteer Mixer Image
Illustrated by Jake Winkle

Volunteer Mixer

By Kadie Gurley

22 West Media held a volunteer mixer on Thursday, Sept. 9, looking for students to get involved on campus. The event took place outside the front doors of the University Student Union. This is the first semester students are back on campus since the pandemic and the award-winning organization is not taking it lightly.

Many students lined up outside waiting for the event to begin. The multimedia platform had a live DJ with music from the radio station, games, and food for the first 50 students to arrive.

Attendees had direct discussions with our members and advisors from the media company and were able to sign up to volunteer and work alongside the other students in our organization.

Some in attendance like senior Alex Fonseca, went to the mixer not only to get involved but to discover passion. “During my freshman year, I actually came here because I wanted to start a radio show and I was kind of lost and didn’t know,” he said. The business and political science major continues, “This is a passion I have always had so I am starting to get into it.”

Anyone is encouraged, no matter what level of experience. “Anybody in any skill set can come and volunteer,” said senior Nina Walker. “It is just an outlet for creativity,” she continued. The emphasis on creativity and passion seemed to be the spark which students aimed for by signing up to be a part of our organization.

Walker, majoring in studio art and working as the graphic design artist, gave a basic rundown on what 22 West Media does. “It is a multimedia company run by students on campus. They have three branches like radio, video, and the magazine,” she stated. Walker continued, “Radio has a station that plays on and off campus, video creates video productions throughout the semester, and the magazine comes out with a monthly issue.”

The student-led platform has received various awards that have illustrated their work and projects. Student creators at LBSU have showcased their work at industry festivals like the CSU Media Arts Festival and the Intercollegiate Broadcast System Media Awards in which we have placed for multiple years. The awards received by past and present students include radio broadcasting, film, and digital media.

Students looking to join 22 West Media can take part in many projects throughout the semester. Becoming a radio DJ or host, helping create monthly magazine issues on campus, and taking part in our video productions are just a few possibilities of what students can participate in.

We will be looking for students to volunteer all year round. If you could not make it to the mixer event then you can access the Associated Students Incorporated website to join or follow 22 West Media on social media to stay updated. Plus, the offices and radio station are open for students to come stop by.

Enrique Garnica, recent graduate turned radio audio engineer, explains where students can find the radio station. “You can always visit the radio station. We are here in the North mall area in the USU. Just stop by, say hello, and say you want to volunteer and that’s it.” Garnica continues, “Anyone who is passionate about radio, magazine, or anyone who just shows interest are all welcomed in.”

22 West Media will be hosting workshops in various areas of media throughout the semester. For more information on workshops and how you can get involved, visit the ASI website as mentioned before or follow us on social media.



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