• Fronteradio


    A music-centric radio show dedicated to shining the limelight on Chican@ and Latin@ artists, both local and renowned. 

  • Gay Monsters


    There are literally queer and Latinx monsters and no one is talking about it. 

  • Gohan or Go Home


    Dragon Ball FighterZ does justice to the franchise and for the fighting game genre.

  • Good Morning Long Beach State


     A morning variety show that features music and discussion with a different host each day. 

  • Grad Students on Display


    Graduate students gathered together at the fine arts galleries to start off a week of critiques.

  • Growing up with Rainn


    The night Rainn made it rain — both outside and on these cheeks.

  • Harley Quinn Steals the Show


    “Birds of Prey” is an upbeat romp that leaves viewers wanting more. 

  • Holiday Movie Hot Takes


    Films that may or may not make you jolly.

  • Horror Podcast Intrigues Listeners


    Podcasts are often overlooked. People don’t realize that they can be even better than a book, movie or television show, especially when they take place in our own backyard.

  • Hot Takes On The 90th Oscars


    Some thoughts after the 90th Academy Awards.

  • Hunting Season Has Arrived


    "Monster Hunter: World" sets a new bar for current gen RPG's

  • Hyperlink: RBG and the Supreme Court with Jireh Deng


     22 West gets familiar with the baddest lady on the court and our “dysfunctional, but strong” court system.

  • It's Been a Book Boy Summer


    Summer readings on psychedelic peril, the limitations of freedom and drunken billion-dollar heirs

  • Jams from Japan


    Enjoy some Japanese music from famous artists such as Mariya Takeuchi to modern bands such as Bradio, while listening to various genres from different eras. 

  • Long Beach Comic Con Reflections


    This past weekend marked the ninth annual Long Beach Comic Con. Every year, geeks, nerds and everyone in between gather downtown for a pop culture celebration. I spent a day in the midst of it all.

  • Lootin' n' Shootin': Part Three


    Borderlands 3 is overall impressive, but multiplayer mode disappoints.

  • Make it Meddlers


    22 West kicks off its first “Live Session” with an interview of local ska band. 

  • Marvel’s “Spider-Man” game review


    Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man comes to the rescue, in an epic “Game of the Year” candidate.

  • Millennial Magnet


    Why young people let a mouse take their money

  • Mornings on the Beach


    “Mornings On The Beach” is Cal State’s morning radio show. Co-hosts Danny Lemos and Charley Sharp present campus news, information, events, music and lifestyle commentary for the CSULB community.