About Us


22 West is a student run, student driven multimedia company at Long Beach State University. We encompass a radio station, video production company, and magazine. We're a space for students to express themselves and get hands on with media production.

Any student with an interest in media is welcome to join the team. We accept any level of experience. We're located at the bottom floor of the USU, so stop by and say hi!

The Team

Administrative Staff

Picture of Danny Lemos

Danny Lemos
Student Media Coordinator

Picture of Scarlet Sidwell

Scarlet Sidwell
Media Administrative Assistant

Picture of Erin Haworth

Erin Haworth
Administrative Assistant

Video Team

Picture of Brandon Kheang

Brandon Kheang
Executive Producer

Picture of Dominic Hure

Dominic Hure
Video Producer

Picture of Shruthi Anand

Shruthi Anand
Video Producer

Picture of Isaac Kau

Isaac Kau
Video Producer

Picture of Eric Cota

Eric Cota
Video Producer

Picture of Moises Marquez

Moises Marquez
Video Editor

Picture of Brandon Vaughn

Brandon Vaughn
Assistant Editor

Magazine Team

Picture of Tara Thomas

Tara Thomas
Editor in Chief

Picture of Joel Vaughn

Joel Vaughn
Managing Editor

Picture of Bria Manning

Bria Manning
Copy Editor

Picture of Marissa Espiritu

Marissa Espiritu
Art Director

Picture of Enacio Diaz

Enacio Diaz
Distribution Manager

Radio Team

Picture of Isaac Gordon

Isaac Gordon
Interim General Manager

Picture of Christian Wiseman

Christian Wiseman
Chief Engineer

Picture of Cassius Banks

Cassius Banks
Program Director

Picture of Huy Dinh

Huy Dinh
Program Director

Picture of Brent Pothoven

Brent Pothoven
Sports Director

Picture of Mia Haro

Mia Haro
Board Engineer for Sports

Picture of Xochilt Andrade

Xochilt Andrade
News & Public Affairs Coordinator

Marketing Team

Picture of Nathan Cunningham

Nathan Cunningham
Marketing Director

Picture of Alex Nguyen

Alex Nguyen
Multimedia Manager

Picture of Cassandra Puentes

Cassandra Puentes
Social Media Coordinator

Picture of Rayleane Martinez

Rayleane Martinez
Events Manager | Volunteer Coordinator

Picture of Christian Sampson

Christian Sampson
Sales Representative

Picture of Enrique Garnica

Enrique Garnica
Sales Assisstant

Picture of Riley Simons

Riley Simons


Jack Nugent
Music & Production Director

Ryan Jabola
On Staff DJ