• "Loving Vincent" For Different Reasons


    Exploring the poignancy of Vincent Van Gogh’s life and the spontaneity of his suicide, the film is a love letter to the troubled artist and presents a biopic as unconventional as its subject.

  • “Creed II” is a Knockout


    “Creed II” delivers in an epic sequel that “Rocky” fans have been anticipating for 33 years

  • “Florida Project”


    Most people steer clear of indie movies because of the stigma that they are pretentious, but "Florida Project" captures the nature of childhood, something that is close to home for anyone.

  • “Stories hurt. Stories heal.”


    The nightmares we had as kids now on the big screen.

  • A Trailer’s Deceit


    Many things went awry in the film, from plot holes to minimal or nonexistent character development, but the greatest complaint about the movie was its misleading and disjointed trailer.

  • Ad Astra Doesn't Add Up


    Brad Pitt and the space baboons.

  • Charlie’s Angels Movie Review


    A Review of the latest adaptation of the classic spy trio “Charlie’s Angels”(2019)

  • Holiday Movie Hot Takes


    Films that may or may not make you jolly.

  • Is the Matrix coming back?


    Remembering the first movie while we figure that out

  • Love Can Make Someone Foolish


    Tiffany Haddish shines in “Nobody’s Fool,” a laugh-out-loud comedy aimed at today’s audience.

  • Murder on the Orient Express


    The movie held promise with its all-star cast—consisting of Johnny Depp, Willem Dafoe and Judi Dench to name a few—but despite the actors’ performances, the opening number and general obviousness of the film instantly takes away its mystery.

  • Pop culture's greatest villain, the Joker


     Director Todd Phillips’s first film in the superhero genre is a massive success on almost every front.

  • Singapore and the Spotlight


    A spoiler-light review and reflection on Crazy Rich Asians

  • The Foreigner


    Bombs, bullets and non-stop action sums up the recent Jackie Chan film, “The Foreigner,” which has to be one of his best roles.

  • The Granite Mountain Hot Shots


    Assisted by the many reviews and articles written since its premiere, “Only the Brave” has truly given the men lost in the Yarnell Hill fire a compelling and respectful memorial.

  • Three word tentpoles


    The Crazy Rich Joy Luck Flower Drum Song of Asian-America.

  • Wonder Women are Everywhere


    Sexism in the film and television industry has not gone away, but amongst it, Wonder Woman is a symbol of female empowerment.