Illustration by Joey Quian


By Avery Keller

A conceptualization of incomprehensibility
With endless postulations of consternation
Do these words grant any invincibility
Or fall short with the sense of floccinaucinihilipilification
Like the repetitive learning in the 6th grade on Mesopotamia
How long can we go before the effects of trichotillomania
Set in

All of the thoughts cloud in motion contemporaneous
Constantly camouflaged in the crimes of academia
Is it enough to be honorificabilitudinitatibus
Never ending that feeling of claustrophobia
We can only turn our heads in these straightjackets
Should we throw it all out and move to Massachusetts
For what

Is it any different or all just interchangeable
Breathe in breathe out let it go to nothingness
As we keep going and going does it become unintelligible
When will we begin the brennschluss
The wheels stop turning the plane plummeting
Will someone catch it or are they too headstrong
Do they even know

Is it all too much