illustration of someone in a window as it rains
Art by Victoria Geis

New Horizons

By Kaleen Luu


I wanted to stay inside
I’d been waiting for this game 
          I was tired of all the same
                    My schoolwork was to blame
I had no time to my own
          All I wanted was my phone
                    Not to worry about my loans
But now
I miss the sun
I miss the days I took for granted
I miss waking up to
I miss the sun
          blinding my eyes
The traffic on my way to school
I miss the people
          walking to class at 8 a.m.
The queue to pass through the gap
I miss the sun
          beating down on me on the days
The escalator isn’t working
I miss the feelings
          getting ready for a midterm300 island
My professor standing before me in person
The game came out last week
          An island getaway
                    All to myself
But now,
I just really miss the sun