"Love is Love is Love" Artwork
Artwork by B Kneisley

Reclaiming Space

By B Kneisley 

The Horn Center on campus is becoming the temporary home of an LGBTQ+ art show,  “Taint Modern: Somewhere in the Between.” During the week of November 18 until the 22, fifteen queer-identifying artists will be displaying their artworks within the middle area of the Horn Center entrance leading to the University Art Museum.

This art show was proposed by art education graduate student, Carlos Ramirez, in correspondence to his coursework, Art 540: Art in Public Places. With guidance from his professor, Craig Stone, Ramirez created a public project that celebrates diversity and individuality through the lens of the queer self. The title of the show is a play-on-words of the Tate Modern, an internationally-known contemporary art museum in the United Kingdom. The show aims to promote a safe space of inclusiveness and sense of home.  

300 maskArtist: Em Hernandez
Dimensions: 7x16”
Description: Pen and ink on paper
Title: Raucous Youth

“This show began as a class project in which led to the creation of the ‘Taint Modern,’” Ramirez said as he discussed the meaning behind the exhibition. “This public art exhibition is beautifully crafted from LGBTQ+ artists. The titillation of words being portrayed here is the reclaiming of institutional spaces that have disproportionately misrepresented queer, womyn and people of color. This show plays on gender and identity politics as seen in the title, ‘Somewhere in the Between,’ an exploration of one's queer self navigating through a cis-heteronormative society.” 

300 trayArtist: Localboy (They/them)
Title: Don’t blame my mom, I dressed myself 
Dimensions: 13x17 
Medium: Mixed media 
Interactive: Dress the doll

There will be photography, fiber art, printmaking and other mixed media displayed to enrich the space and empower others to know what it’s like to have a chosen family. The artists participating in the show include Vanessa Gamboa, Localboy, Katia Swihart, B Kneisley, Christine Hudson, Cyone Forrest, Tony Guzman, Jonathan Torres, Em Hernandez, Charlie Roses, Carlos Ramirez, Issa Dance Co., Byron Scott Adams and Marissa Kay. The exhibiting artists come from different disciplines and backgrounds in which they collectively use art as a means to communicate about queer politics publicly.

Opening night of the “Taint Modern: Somewhere in the Between” will take place on Monday, November 18 from 7 to 9 p.m. There will be live performances and light refreshments provided.