Art by Victoria Geis
Art by Victoria Geis


By Kalli Valavani 




Like the palm tree, I am foreign to this land
I look pretty and tall just to mask my alienation 
And you fall for it, you make me part of your fantasy
In your mind you create me so that you don’t have to take me as I am
The sun shines a lot in this place, but you and your friends still act shady
Like my sunglasses, that help me ignore the gaze and make it through the day
You’re no good for me, like the fast food that I’m consuming here
And you take up so much space, and this is not even your land



300 untitiled1



my soul is not from this earth
that’s why my every day seems crazy
but don’t mistake my introvert
ways for being lazy




300 mood 

studying for seven minutes 
is followed by hours of aimlessly browsing the internet
remembering the words of my therapist does not help, I only feel ashamed
seven minutes, eight minutes, nine minutes, ten
I put it aside and I pick up a pen
I write this and beg the muses to guide me
but the muses must tell me the answer’s inside me
so, what do I do? I don’t know how to access “inside”
I light up a blunt and think “I’ll be alright.”





300 untitled2

there is no romance in ignorance. and violence
should under no circumstances be met with silence
unless you want hate
to be our fate





moonlight showers 
reveal my hidden powers
I may be fragile like a plant
but trust me I can rant