Things Better Left Forgotten

by Erin Haworth



Things Better Left Forgotten

Love left when you dared 

to breach your heart for 

any walking paycheck.

Touch turned, biting, hoping 

for a body broken by 

time, your crevices show

fragility striped bare 

against the static.


“Regret must 

run in your family”




Geyser of the Heart

broken brakes breed 

broken bones when

mountain roads oscillate

between pine and

sky with little

care for us. 


me myself and 

I converge on 

the scittering wreck

of bodies who

dared meddle with

asphalt and steel. 


red, the cotton

of my palm 

pressures back the

geyser of her

heart reaching out

towards the inevitable.


Observe this moment

- how it convulses -


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