Tiny Pelitos Image
Illustration by Arielle Zepeda

Tiny Pelitos

By Arielle Zepeda

Perception of beauty is outta touch

My mom says I’ve cut too much

It keeps on growing longer

But I don’t feel any stronger

Weak —

Shit, I used to be unique

I loved smelling the goop of suavecito

Pero, this doesn’t feel like me though

Yeah, it’s cool for now or whatever

I can’t wait until it gets better

These people are breathing down my neck “Mija you look bonita”

Which makes it harder for me to let go

Sometimes I’ve gotta do shit for me

I remember what that was like to feel free!

Little locks of brown and black.

I hope that shit never grows back.

Reflection gave me the perception to be me.

Ironically no hair gave me the strength to grow.

Sometimes you’ve gotta learn how to let go.

Comfort is ideal and it’s sweet

Being who you are feels like you’re dancing naked down the street.