Supporting Foster Youth at CSULB

Guardian Scholars (GS) is a program on campus that supports current and former foster youth at CSULB. If you have been in the foster care system, find out how you can become a Guardian Scholars member!

What I Wish I Did Before Graduating

After being in college for over 5 years, I can’t help but regret the things I didn’t get to explore and experience. Here are my biggest regrets.

How to conquer your fears

How to conquer your fears in the most logical way possible without the hassle of a thousand dollar registration fee

Better Than A Band-Aid

I have been hurt, and I fear I will get hurt again. So why haven’t I found help? This is a story about therapy, and why I haven’t gotten any yet.

Father and child
Illustration by Gerell Wilson

Tribute to My Father

Poem and art by Gerell Wilson


I always wanted him to be proud of me,


To prove to the world I deserved to be his legacy,


I failed to live up to his expectations on a daily,


He died when he was 60 and I was only 23,


But today I will prove to him what his strength has always meant to me