Hard Bars and Smooth Hooks

BROCKHAMPTON is a breath of fresh air

In the midst of a rap game dominated by “mumble rappers” with a focus on well-produced beats and catchy hooks, BROCKHAMPTON has not only put the former and latter on the table, but some hard bars to top it off.

(Photo courtesy of Genius)

For those of you who don’t know of them yet, BROCKHAMPTON is a group of rappers, producers and songwriters. The ensemble currently consists of 15 people who all live in a small home in South Central Los Angeles.

BROCKHAMPTON dropped their new album, “Saturation II,” on Aug. 25, only two months after their second album, “Saturation,” dropped in June.

Of the 15 members, Kevin Abstract, Ameer Vann, Dom McLennon, Merlyn Wood and Matt Champion make up the majority of the vocals on the album.

Oh yeah, they’re also a self-proclaimed “boy band,” which is pretty cool.

After “Saturation I,” BROCKHAMPTON showcased what they’re best at — spitting some dope bars on a dope beat and combining that with hooks that you can’t help but sing along to.

“Saturation” put them on to a wider audience, so some internet hype popped off when they announced they would be dropping a second album in 2017. That begs the question: Will the up-and-coming group be able to top their previous work with a bigger audience?

Yes. The answer is yes.
Like the first installment of the “Saturation” series, the album starts with bonafide bangers that hook you onto the album right away, with “QUEER” and “TOKYO” sticking out to me the most.

These songs show how seamlessly the group can go from a quintessential turn-up feel to a slower jam you can vibe to. They have range, man.

The song “TEETH” has a different vibe than some of the others in the top half of the album. The song is rapped by Ameer Vann, who shares intimate thoughts on his own life and gives the listener a look into his thoughts as a rapper on the come up.

Introspective lyrics are sprinkled throughout the entire album, which, along with their well-made hooks and beats, show how talented the boy band really is.

In the second half of the work, “JUNKY,” “SWEET” and “SUMMER” are the jams that round up the album.

“JUNKY” is another song with well-executed lyrics. It starts with Abstract’s verse, which is probably the best of the bunch. He talks about his struggles as a gay rapper and the criticism he deals with. Overall, the verse is hard as f***.

“SWEET” and “SUMMER” are both feel-good songs that chill you out. “SWEET” features a great opening verse from Champion and is followed by the catchiest hook in the entire album: “Twistin’ me up like licorice / Think I need someone who can handle it.” Super effing catchy.

“SUMMER” is the last song on the album and is performed solely by bearface, a singer for BROCKHAMPTON. It’s the perfect way to end an amazing album as it mellows you out with soft vocals and a chill guitar solo at the end. Bearface should totally be more heavily featured in future projects. He’s great.

Overall, dope bars, dope sound, dope vibe. It’s dope. That is all.