Wake Up Cali It’s Winter!

Clothing alternatives to get you through the warm weather during the winter.

By Leslie Sanchez Contributor

Did California forget that summer is over? It’s the beginning of December but I am still wearing sundresses and flip-flops. And while other parts of the county are experiencing cold weather, California has ignored the concept of seasonal change altogether.

We Californians are waiting to wear our favorite knit sweaters, scarves, hats and boots. According to the weather forecast, though, we won’t be able to any time soon. Those fall and winter pieces might have to wait a bit longer, but there are ways to incorporate this year’s winter trends into your forever summer wardrobe.

For starters, having the correct color palette for your outfits is a must. Since we are not technically in summer anymore, it is best to steer away from the light and bright colors. Try out a different color scheme, with burgundies or emerald greens. If you prefer a more colorful option, try mustard yellows and burnt oranges. Wearing these colors will make your wardrobe’s transition between seasons seamless. Oh, and try not to wear black. It can really make you miserable under the sun.

Rompers are a chic summer staple, but trade yours in for a lightweight jumpsuit and call it a day. Jumpsuits are easy to throw on and make for a great transition from summer to fall.

Layered clothing cannot yet reach its full potential, but there is a smart way to go about it. Wearing lightweight jackets over a simple t-shirt is a great alternative.  I can’t wait to start wearing leather jackets and fuzzy coats, but try a denim jacket for a more subtle look that is great all year round.

Blazers are another big staple during the fall and winter seasons. Pair one with high-waisted shorts and a cool, tucked in t-shirt along with your favorite white sneakers or ankle boots. It’s a business-casual look that blends between the warm and cold seasons. Also, don’t forget to accessorize! Trendy sunglasses or statement jewelry can upgrade your outfit instantly.

As for shoes, since we still cannot wear Uggs or tall boots, ankle boots are a reasonable substitution. They are easy to wear with jeans, shorts, dresses and skirts. You definitely can’t go wrong with a pair of these boots. I recommend black or beige booties since they are the most flexible for any outfit choice.

Although it is unfortunate that we cannot fully embrace the winter season, there are still techniques to rock a fall-inspired outfit without looking out of place. Winter ought to come sooner or later, but for now let's just work with what we have in our closets and hope the California climate can finally catch up with the changing season.