A Night to Not Miss

Daniel Caesar ends his U.S. tour at the Observatory

Words and photos by Jazmine Avila Contributor

Grammy-nominated artist Daniel Caesar played at the Santa Ana Observatory on Nov. 28 to top off his U.S. tour. Magical is the only word to describe it.

Before diving into Caesar’s set, his opening act deserves a well-earned shout out. Swedish singer Snoh Aalegra helped set the mood for the night, stunning the crowd with her songs and vocal abilities. A mixture of Lana Del Rey and Dua Lipa, she has a charm that is so utterly her own. The way she was able to work the stage paired with the quality of her music made it clear that she is a star on the rise.

Aalegra ended her set and the vibes were flowing; love was in the air and the night was barely getting started.

Snoh Aalegra in the opening performance.

By the time Caesar came out, he was welcomed with thunderous applause and piercing screams from his loving and dedicated fans. He and his bandmates were awed by the welcoming. When he tried speaking into the microphone, the crowd only got louder. Fans were understandably very proud—that morning, Caesar had been nominated for his first two Grammys.

He kicked off the show with “Japanese Denim,” and that alone made my night.

For some songs he played guitar. For others, he engaged with the crowd, walking to the very edge of the stage and even getting off and walking along the barricade, shifting the crowd with him.

Caesar’s vocal ability is already out of this world. He sounded even better live. His passion was clear, and he exuded talent and charisma.

After ending the show, Caesar came back for an encore of “Get You.” It was the best performance of the night. All throughout the show, the crowd had been incredible, but the last song brought out the very best in everyone.

Daniel Caesar performing “Blessed."

I’m so glad I got to experience a night with Daniel Caesar. His performance and the intimate venue made it a truly magical experience.


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