Beach Pride Events provide thank you cards for students to sign and give to those they’re thankful for.

Students Get into the Holiday Spirit at Gobble Games

Beach Pride Events provides students with festive activities before break


Story and photos by Kaila-Marie Hardaway Managing Editor

Students seen trying to strategically stack boxes and cans into a high tower.
Students strategically build their can castles in a team.

On Wednesday, Nov. 15, students kicked off the fall break with Thanksgiving festivities during Beach Pride’s annual Gobble Games/Can Castles event.

The event was created three years ago by a volunteer whose aim was to give students an enjoyable start to the holidays. This year, the event included stations at which students were able to make thank you cards and bracelets, a trail mix bar and more.

“I loved that there were interesting things to do and participate in,” said fourth-year English major Samantha Neou. “There were things that I could take back as mementos from the event that I found valuable.”

Also available to attendees were free mini-brioche bun sandwiches, and a macaroni and cheese bar.

Event-goers participated in a Can Castles competition, a game in which groups and individuals build a “can castle” out of canned food. The winners, who were chosen by students, received a $30 gift certificate to the Bookstore.

Beach Pride Events provided cans for the participants and all canned goods were later donated to the ASI Beach Pantry, which provides LBSU students with access to free food. This is the second year in a row that cans were donated directly to students.

“Students can have fun building castles while contributing to a community in need,” said Javier Gonzalez, Beach Pride Events Program Assistant. “[It’s] meant to allow them to de-stress while doing something good.”


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