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The Bold Invasion of Cardi B

The Afro-Latina rapper makes a strong debut in her first album

By Helen Sandoval Contributor

Photo courtesy of All Noise

Belcalis Almanzar, best known as Cardi B, has finally dropped the album that we’ve all been waiting for. On April 6, she unleashed “Invasion of Privacy.”

Cardi B is one unique female rapper whose music is addictive and very danceable. This hip-pop sensation is the epitome of Bronx attitude and her album explodes with raunchiness (the good kind). If you’ve listened to Cardi B before, you know that she has a strong, humorous personality and her album says it all.

Her album includes 13 tracks, including her two hot singles “Bodak Yellow” and “Bartier Cardi.” Not to mention, she features top artists such as SZA, Chance the Rapper, YG, Kehlani and others. Her album doesn’t disappoint. You will find yourself bouncing your head and laughing to her clever punchlines.  

“Invasion of Privacy” is a mix of hard-poppin’ catchy songs similar to “Bodak Yellow,” while some songs are pretty personal and emotional. This side of Cardi B hasn’t been shown yet and is quite refreshing. It shows the struggles she has gone through and how she has made her way up from literally rags to riches.

Songs to look out for:

The track “I Do,” featuring the talented and amazing SZA, is an incredible duet. As soon as the song played, it immediately became one of my top three favorite songs from this album. Cardi B flexes on her haters and raps about how she’s a “boss bitch.” She sings, “I think us bad bitches is a gift from God / I think you broke hoes need to get a job / Now I’m a boss, I write my own name on the checks.”

“Bickenhead” is another banger that I couldn’t stop playing on repeat. This hard-hitting song stands out and it’s one you can’t miss. I do have to warn you that it is a nasty song. The catchy verse goes, “Slim waist, ass fat, my shit caked up / This that collard greens, cornbread, neck bone, back fat / Get it from my mama and you know where your daddy at.” I could go on, but I’ll stop there for profanity reasons. This track is guaranteed to be played at parties and clubs. Cardi B doesn’t have a filter and has a mouthful of naughty things to say but that’s who she is and people love it.

“Invasion of Privacy” shows how versatile Cardi B is.

Another hot track I have to mention is her Spanish trap song “I Like It,” featuring J Balvin and Bad Bunny. The opening of the song starts off with a catchy Latin beat that makes it hard not to dance.“I Like It” actually samples the classic Latin hit song “I Like It Like That” by Pete Rodriguez. The song is so good that it is one the most streamed song from her album on Apple and Spotify.

“Invasion of Privacy” shows how versatile Cardi B is. This Afro-Latina female rapper is a force to be reckoned with. Cardi B delivers music that is not only raw and wildly funny, but empowering. She continues to prove that women can rap and be successful. If you’re not much of a hip-pop fan, listen to her album and you’ll be surprised.