Supporting Foster Youth at CSULB

Guardian Scholars (GS) is a program on campus that supports current and former foster youth at CSULB. If you have been in the foster care system, find out how you can become a Guardian Scholars member!

What I Wish I Did Before Graduating

After being in college for over 5 years, I can’t help but regret the things I didn’t get to explore and experience. Here are my biggest regrets.

How to conquer your fears

How to conquer your fears in the most logical way possible without the hassle of a thousand dollar registration fee

Better Than A Band-Aid

I have been hurt, and I fear I will get hurt again. So why haven’t I found help? This is a story about therapy, and why I haven’t gotten any yet.

Album cover of a bicycle leaning against a hand rail.
Photo by Yesenia Vargas

Back 2 School Playlist

Playlist by Yesenia Vargas

Summer is over and school is upon us. But, the music doesn’t stop. Check out the Back To School playlist of relaxing tunes from various artists:

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  1. “Whoa” by Snoh Aalegra 
  2. “(If) The Book Doesn’t Sell” by Ritt Mommey 
  3. “Small Town Girl” by Bakar 
  4. “Giving Up” by Whitney 
  5. “Temporary Love, Pt. 1” by Easy Life
  6. “Sugar” by Brockhampton 
  7. “Coca Cola” by Divino Niño
  8. “Look Like” by Matt Martians ft. Daisy 
  9. “She Wants My Money” by Dominic Fike 
  10. “Warm” By Dre’es ft. Mia 
  11. “Untitled” By Kate Bollinger 
  12. “Vision” by Jackie Hayes 
  13. “Conversations” by Far Caspian 
  14. “To Dance Is To Love” by Charlie Burg 
  15. “In My Dreams…” by Baird