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François Sur La Radio

Host: Ricardo Alejandro Pulido AKA "François"
Airs: Tuesday 9pm - 10pm
Rerun: Friday 11am-12pm

François Sur La Radio was created in the fall of 2015 by show hosts Ricardo Alejandro Pulido (AKA François) and Selene Castañeda (AKA Cas). Both French majors studying at Cal State Long Beach, François and Cas wanted to share the beauty and passion they found while learning the French language in their undergraduate careers with the rest of the 49'ers at CSULB and Southern California.

Their passions for the French culture drove them to create François Sur La Radio, a French and French-themed radio show with various guests and themes every week representing different aspects of the French culture with an emphasis on it's music. They play all genres of French music or music that relates to the culture in any way. Their goal is to show listeners that French music is not just the typical 1940's Edith Piaf-like French music. They are here to completely shatter the stereotyped accordion-heavy perception of French music because it is more than just accordions and much more updated than the waltz. French music and French-speaking artists are contemporary, fun, upbeat, unique and special. Some might even surprise you. Tune in weekly to François Sur La Radio with the new 22 West and "Soyez prêt pour un temps formidable!" (Be ready for a wonderful time!)